Aerobic Classes

Skybeat Dance Provides Aerobic Classes To Get Your Heart Rate Up Every Time.

Aerobic exercise is a form of exercise that focuses on the oxygen use and heart rate of the body. Many balanced fitness routines include both aerobic workouts of some form and strength training of some form. It can be in a highly disciplined manner such as burpees, running a specific amount, and jumping jacks, or it can be in a more laid back fun way such as aerobic dance. No matter what style of aerobics you choose, it is important for human health to get your heart rate and oxygen levels up a few times a week. Dance fitness just happens to be one of the most delightful ways to go about it.

Did you know that even people who are out of shape and overweight can get real results from an aerobic workout? Many people see a video of a lean instructor dancing around the room full of energy and vitality, and they feel like they will not be able to get a good workout in because they cannot move as fast and freely. But the truth is exactly the opposite.

When a person is not used to aerobic exercise or if they are overweight the fact is that similar or smaller amounts of movement will get that person's heart rate up even more than a more fit person. And an overweight person is going to burn more calories per movement than a thinner person. So even if you feel like you are not “keeping up” keep at it because your body is reaping mega benefits and it will get easier with each week that goes by. The reason you are getting better results from a dance workout than some others may be getting if you are overweight or new to the class is due to two things.

First, the more you weigh the more energy (calories) it takes to move your body. A 200-pound person is going to burn a few more calories for the same mile that a 150-pound person walks. Second, if you are not used to a movement it is a challenge to your muscles, lungs, and heart. This challenge is going to be great for your body so do not see being behind or struggling in class as a negative, see it as clear growth that is occurring before your eyes. And feel good knowing that you are burning calories worthy of your increased efforts.

Skybeat Dance Fitness classes are fun upbeat and will get your aerobic rates up no matter your current physical fitness levels. We challenge each muscle group and we strive to make sure that you leave our class with all those feel-good endorphins coursing through your body that you just worked to a fever on the dance floor. Schedule one of our aerobic classes and dance your way into increased fitness, energy, and vitality. Activities like aerobic dance exercise are great because they allow you to burn calories like you are working hard, yet for the most part, you will be having fun! Sign up for our aerobic classes today to join the fun this week and to see how much more energy you have when you actually burn energy in a fun upbeat way. We look forward to you joining our dance workout soon!

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