Children's Dance Fitness

Enroll Your Child In Children's Dance Fitness For Fun And A Ton Of Other Benefits.

According to a study printed in Science Daily, physical fitness is directly related to a child's brain development. This connection is great news because it gives you as a parent plenty of reasons to let your child just play and have a blast. The mental health and brain benefits are not just for children who fall into the definition of “healthy” any child can increase their physical activity for brain perks in general! If you feel like your child may not be getting enough exercise check out the Children's Exercise Dances and Children's Dance Fitness Classes at Skybeat Dance. We are all about fun and we welcome all fitness levels to come in and have a great time.

Tips For Helping Your Child Increase Their Physical Fitness Levels:

  • Keep pressure out of the equation. If you are concerned that your child is not getting enough exercise do not let them know of your worries, simply give them more opportunities to choose physical activities over sedentary ones. If you bring your concerns into their play it may feel like work and they won't want to do it. There are exceptions to this but with younger children simply encourage play in a relaxed manner.

  • Have fun with your child. Go on a casual walk, have a dance party in the living room, allow them to move their body, and explore the world at a level they are comfortable with, with you right by their side. If they do not meet some predetermined qualifications of a workout that you may have in your mind, they will never know but they will know they had a blast doing the activity with their parents.

  • Every play and dance time should be judgment-free. If you sign them up for dance exercise classes for children it should be about the fun if you are dancing at home max out on the silliness. Join our dance classes to find out just how fun this form of movement can be for your child no matter their current experience levels.

  • Introduce them to other children. The more isolated a child is the more likely they are to do sedentary activities over physical play. It may be difficult to step outside your comfort zone but setting up playdates and encouraging social play can improve your child's physical health and brain health alike.

  • Let their form of exercise be their choice. When a person has options they feel happier and more committed to their decision. If they are forced to do an activity they will not put the same effort that they would if they choose it so give your child a few options that all have similar results in order for them to actually enjoy their journey to physical fitness. This can apply to large decisions like what classes to enroll in for a season, and daily decisions like whether to go for a walk, a jog, have a dance party, or play at the park. All those are healthy so what they choose does not matter as long as they choose one.


Dance Exercise Classes for children at Skybeat dance are all about fun. We provide a safe, energetic environment with instructors who are judgment-free and can teach your child moves for their own comfort level as they grow increasingly comfortable. Dance is one of the most freeing ways to express yourself and you may find unexpected benefits and results when you enroll your child in our Children's dance fitness classes for their age group.

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