Low Impact Dance Workout

Get Your Groove On With A Low Impact Dance Workout At Skybeat Dance.

Are you recovering from an injury, or have another health consideration that makes you want to be careful yet still work out your muscles and heart? Consider our low impact dance workout. Skybeat Dance is led by a fitness coach and instructor who is high energy, high intelligence, and full of heart. If you need a specific workout for a particular condition, check out the dance workout classes especially for low impact needs. The results are similar and include increased heart-rate, flexibility, and health. But the methods are a bit more gentle and slow paced. Dance workout classes do not have to fit into a box of predefined specifications. We can create customer dance classes for those who need to go a different pace. Even if you are in a faster-paced class and can't keep up you will find zero judgment, just a good time. We challenge you to come into a Miami class or to take our online dance workout classes at your earliest convenience.

It is time to step beyond thinking about taking control of your physical fitness and actually stepping outside your comfort zone. Do not just search online for dance fitness classes near me, take the leap and join our dance workout classes for a ton of fun. Many people with mild injuries or who are far enough out from a major injury want to start working out again but are nervous to do so. If your doctor has cleared you for activity, try a low impact dance workout to get your heart rate up without causing too much of an impact on your knees and back. Low impact is much like its sounds, low impact on the body when it comes to force applied during the workout. It is a little easier for beginners or those who need an easier touch.

Dance workout classes online with an instructor that is full of energy is a great way to burn those calories and have a great time from the comfort of your own home. The fact that lessons can be virtual means that you do not have to “feel” like leaving the house and getting dressed for your work out. Just give it your all and be free to be you while you learn new moves and have fun getting fit. If you do want to attend in-person classes in Miami Florida, or if you have been googling dance fitness classes near me then check often to find out when in-person dance classes are scheduled with renowned instructor Skyler Rodgers.

It can be hard, the first time you try a new workout routine but with us at Skybeat Dance you will find no judgment and a ton of fun in our low impact dance workout classes. We are all about the fun and through that all about results. Try us and see. We offer classes for adults, seniors, and children set at a variety of places so anyone can find their specific group where they fit in. Our online classes are affordable, easy to use, come with separate tutorial videos to learn the moves, and follow the beat of some of the best hit songs on the radio today.

If you are not sure what format of class will work best for you then dance along to our online at first or contact us and discuss the workout you have in mind. Group dance workout classes are a great way to improve energy, form, mood, and even make friends when you meet in person to work out with similar goals in mind. We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your fitness journey in the coming months.

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