Weight Loss

Skybeat Dance Can Help You Break Through Your Plateau With Dancing For Weight Loss.

Are you suddenly stalled when it comes to your weight loss goals? We can help and you will have fun in the process of kick starting your metabolism back into calorie burning mode. A stall or a plateau is when your body stops responding to the diet and exercise plan you have been successfully following to lose weight. Many people experience this disparaging occurrence, even after hard work. It is because even the best diet and exercise plan will become “normal” to the body and what burned a ton of calories in the past will only get you by in the future. This is why it is so vital to spice up your routine. Try getting your heart pumping and re-kick start your metabolism and weight loss with dancing for weight loss at Skybeat dance.

Frequently Ask Questions About Weight Loss Dance Classes:

  • How long does a class last? Fifty minutes. This is just enough time to warm up, have a blast, burn those calories, and cool back down. You can take as many classes as you like with the monthly or yearly plan.

  • How often do classes meet? Our online classes can be accessed anytime you have the desire to move your body. More information will be posted about future live offerings and about the times you can actually see coach Skyler Rodgers coach a group class or teach about fitness.

  • I have never danced before and I feel silly can I still join? You should not feel silly in person because everyone is there for the same reason: to have fun and get fit. You should not feel silly in your living room because you are in the comfort of your own home receiving our quality classes. Just have fun. When the pandemic is over you will have polished up all those dance moves with our online offerings and you will be itching to show off in a group setting.

  • How can dancing for weight loss help me restart after a stall? Yes. If you have found that your hard efforts are simply not paying off anymore you may find a high energy dance class is just what you need to increase your metabolic rate and your calorie burn.

  • Do weight loss workouts really kick start your metabolism. There are no guarantees as each person is different but weight loss workouts and practicing dancing exercises to lose weight can be effective for getting out of a weight-loss stall for two reasons. One, you will have fun and this will lead to more interest in doing the routine more often. If you actually enjoy a workout routine it will be easier to actually do it extra times to really get results. Two, our high-intensity dance exercise programs and moves will challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system in ways other workouts do not. This should get your fat-burning cells back into action.


When you come to our weight loss workouts leave worries and judgment behind and just have fun. The more you move the more calories your body will use. Dancing exercise to lose weight is highly effective because although it can be challenging, it is still more fun than other workouts, and because of the fast pace and high intensity you can get a ton done in a shorter amount of time! Remember our classes are flexible and judgment-free. If you feel like one is too fast-paced, try another type, take the tutorial videos or take a break for just a moment then jump right back in. There is not a wrong way to improve your cardiovascular health and metabolism as long as you actually move and try your body will benefit from any effort you put forth. As your skills grow, so will your ability to burn even more calories and target specific areas so it is win-win right from the start! Sign up for your first class today.

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